Geaux Rouge at Gouter: A Microcosm of Mid City

Geaux Rouge enjoys Mid City venues that merge the Baton Rouge art scene in different mediums. Gouter Restaurant is a Mid City nexus of art and culinary innovation. 

The hallmark of a great restaurant is its ability to serve great food WHILE making you feel special. It’s a lack of pretension. It’s a welcoming that makes you feel important. It makes you feel at home. That is always our experience at Goûter.

Come for the creative menu but don’t miss the art of Chad Townson. Chad Townson Creations adorn the walls in angelic postures and in aviary flight. These very original wooden pieces of art are perfectly wedded with the uniqueness of Chef Chris Wadsworth. Mid City is home of great cuisine and an innovative art scene, sometimes under one roof! Oh yeah, Gouter also regularly hosts live music.

The best part about Gouter is the ability to tour a great scope of food and the diversity of the menu through the chef’s tour. This is a menu item for two where the chef serves multiple dishes, including a dessert. The courses provide a fulfilling tour of the different features of the menu. Reasonably priced, it’s the best way to experience the restaurant! 

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