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What is Geaux Rouge?
I am often asked, "What exactly is Geaux Rouge?" It's a reasonable question. Someone once described it as a cross-platform social media brand highlighting Baton Rouge’s food and culture.  That sounds cool. It's not...
Baton Rouge city capital of Louisiana flag textile cloth fabric waving on the top sunrise mist fog
What’s Up With That Logo?
"What's going on with the Geaux Rouge logo? Why is there The Union Jack? Shouldn't your logo be more about Baton Rouge?" These are the most frequently asked questions about Geaux Rouge. What's...
Geaux Rouge Talks COVID-19 with Liz Smith from BRAC
Geaux Rouge's Franz Borghardt sits down with Liz from the Baton Rouge Area Chamber to discuss COVID-19 updates. This includes Phase 1 reopening, child care considerations, and the EBR Superintendent search.
The Geaux Rouge Show: University of Louisiana System & Compete Louisiana
Geaux Rouge's Franz Borghardt talked to Dr. Jim Henderson, President of the University of Louisiana System, and Katie Barras, Vice President of Academic Innovation, to discuss some outstanding academic opportunities in higher...
Geaux Rouge Discussion about COVID-19 with BRAC’s Liz Smith
Geaux Rouge sits down with Liz Smith from BRAC to discuss business updates for the Greater Baton Rouge Community
Geaux Rouge: Mental Health and COVID-19
What mental health issues face us during the COVID-19 Crisis? What solutions? This Geaux Rouge Webinar will explore these topics and more with a panel of mental health professionals. Dr. Brandon Romano...

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