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What is Geaux Rouge?
I am often asked, "What exactly is Geaux Rouge?" It's a reasonable question. Someone once described it as a cross-platform social media brand highlighting Baton Rouge’s food and culture.  That sounds cool. It's not...
Baton Rouge city capital of Louisiana flag textile cloth fabric waving on the top sunrise mist fog
What’s Up With That Logo?
"What's going on with the Geaux Rouge logo? Why is there The Union Jack? Shouldn't your logo be more about Baton Rouge?" These are the most frequently asked questions about Geaux Rouge. What's...
Geaux Rouge at Gouter: A Microcosm of Mid City
Geaux Rouge enjoys Mid City venues that merge the Baton Rouge art scene in different mediums. Gouter Restaurant is a Mid City nexus of art and culinary innovation.  The hallmark of a great restaurant...
Geaux Rouge with The Cajun Spoon 
From humble food truck beginnings, The Cajun Spoon now adorns the shelves of Walmart. Success has not changed Ryan Grizzaffi. The drive and quality remains the same but there's now a new...
Geaux Rouge with Chad Townson Creations
Imagine a sea of sinker cypress and cedar. Abandoned pieces that are the leftovers. Orphans, all adopted and loved by Chad Townson of Chad Townson Creations. Townson, a self-taught artist, creates wood carved...

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