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What is Geaux Rouge?
I am often asked, "What exactly is Geaux Rouge?" It's a reasonable question. Someone once described it as a cross-platform social media brand highlighting Baton Rouge’s food and culture.  That sounds cool. It's not...
Baton Rouge city capital of Louisiana flag textile cloth fabric waving on the top sunrise mist fog
What’s Up With That Logo?
"What's going on with the Geaux Rouge logo? Why is there The Union Jack? Shouldn't your logo be more about Baton Rouge?" These are the most frequently asked questions about Geaux Rouge. What's...
Baton Rouge Gallery First Wednesday Opening Reception
It is safe to say that the Baton Rouge Gallery is a local art treasure for our city. Something special happens there the first Wednesday of every month. Each month The Baton Rouge...
Capital City Mac Fest Release Party
Geaux Rouge is proud to announce that we are going be presenting the Capital City Mac Fest on Saturday, June 10 at Curbside. Tickets go on sale on April 6 and to celebrate...
altBR Interviews Franz Borghardt of Geaux Rouge
"Geaux Rouge is working to make Baton Rouge the epicenter of the cultural and culinary worlds. You should not have to go somewhere else to experience the amazing things we have here....
Book and Brew 
Have you heard about Book and Brew presented by ThreeSixtyEight? Book and Brew is a monthly event that showcases a library of literary knowledge and lively discussion with beers on tap. The program...

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