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What is Geaux Rouge?
I am often asked, "What exactly is Geaux Rouge?" It's a reasonable question. Someone once described it as a cross-platform social media brand highlighting Baton Rouge’s food and culture.  That sounds cool. It's not...
Baton Rouge city capital of Louisiana flag textile cloth fabric waving on the top sunrise mist fog
What’s Up With That Logo?
"What's going on with the Geaux Rouge logo? Why is there The Union Jack? Shouldn't your logo be more about Baton Rouge?" These are the most frequently asked questions about Geaux Rouge. What's...
The Baton Rouge New Year’s Eve Guide
It's time for New Year's Eve in Baton Rouge. Here a list of some of a few things to-do in Baton Rouge for New Year's Eve 2016. Let us know if we...
Let There Be Light: The Art of Benjamin McCarley
Artist Ben McCarley is a mirror and a candle. If you look at his art, you might see gauges, valves, and pipes culminating in creative and stylized industrial lamps -each unique and...
Geaux Rouge with BREW, The Tigerland Burger Battle, and White Light Night
There's always something to do in Baton Rouge. Geaux Rouge lives by this simple motto. You don't have to look very hard to find community events that educate us, bring us together, and enrich...
Geaux Rouge Visits The Cap City Beer Fest 
The second annual Cap City Beer Fest was held Sunday, November 13, 2016 at 4th Street and Spanish Town Road, in front of the State Capitol in Downtown Baton Rouge. The charity event was...

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